An intelligent ecosystem of inter-connected residential communities that serves your estate, complex and/or homeowners association with running a professional and transparent community.

1. The iQcom Advantage

  • Most comprehensive Apartment Management software – a One-stop Portal for Owners, Tenants and your Management Agent.
  • Brings Professionalism and Transparency to running of the Association.
  • Brings continuity and stability in the processes / systems, irrespective of the changes in Association Office.
  • All you need is a PC & a Browser, your association does not have to bother about Software or Hosting Infrastructure.
  • Each Association is interconnected with other Associations on the iQcom ecosystem – contributing to and utilising Best Practice.
You the resident or managing officer stay involved and informed in your communities’ operations.

2. Joining The iQcom Network

  • Before the Homeowners Association is formed/registered (Developer Sign-Up).
  • Build your Residents Database and manage your community and communicate via email and portal.
  • After Association Registration and before the Maintenance takeover (Body Corporate Sign-Up).
  • Build your Residents Database and manage your community and communicate via email and portal.

3. SaaS For Your Convenience

  • Many Associations contemplate building their own online Management System or ERP.
    • Reason: Perceived Control The same reason Corporates back in the day preferred building their inhouse ERPs, rather than use a third-party best-of-breed solution.
  • iQcom SaaS has a lot to offer. It will help your community save money, time and human resources. By eliminating problems like software maintenance and incompatibility, iQcom SaaS provides a streamlined focus and greater productivity; a truly intelligent solution for convenient living.
Connecting all residents to all aspects of a Residential Community, bringing Collaboration, Convenience, Security and Financial Sustainability.

iQcom Makes It All Possible

Contact us today for a detailed presentation of the iQcom – Intelligent Community offering.

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