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Community Data Management

Complete and secure maintenance of all relevant data relating to the community:

  • Detailed and accurate database of the community lay-out ( all buildings / units), residents and community management.
  • Self service  maintenance of applicable community data.
  • Comprehensive reporting capability and pre-configured reports.
  • Best of breed security practices and protocols to ensure your community and personal data is secure.

Community Billing Collections and Accounting

Integrated financial management. The better way to move, manage and account for your community’s money.
Community Billing, Collections
Bank and Cash
Bookkeeping and Accounting
Community Billing, Collections

Community Billing, Collections

Our billing system is custom built and inherent to the application (no integration rules and procedures)
  • Automatically raise levy due demand notes every month based on data specific to the unit.
  • Single click to raise and send invoices against all or select flats based on formula or fixed value or both.
  • Utility bills generated separately from Levy bills to allow Tenants to pay for consumption charges and Owners to pay levies.
  • Auto-Calculate late payment charges using multiple penalty options.
  • Automatically collect payments from members using our seamless Payment Gateway with zero manual intervention. Send Email / SMS / In-App push notification reminders for overdue invoices.

Bank and Cash

Bank and Cash

  • Configure Bank Accounts and Petty Cash.
  • Seamlessly integrated with Income Tracker and Expense Tracker – all income and expenses posted reflect against Bank Accounts or Petty Cash.
  • Simplify bank recons.
  • Export / Import to/from Excel.

Bookkeeping and Accounting

Bookkeeping and Accounting

  • General Ledger, Income Statement and Balance Sheet.
  • Configure chart of accounts (Assets, Liabilities, Income and Expenditure) – all in one place.
  • Journal entries process transaction reassignments, adjustments, etc. (Asset depreciation, Bank Charges, etc.)
  • Standard Reports and Query tool to report on any transaction for any date or any account.

Visitor Management

Secure and transparent Access Control and Gate Management
Excepted and Pre-approved Visitor
Unexpected Visitor
Staff Attendance Tracking


  • Generate visitor pass by filling up the mandatory details like name/surname and other relevant details of the visitor.
  • Obtain in-app approval from resident to authorise the visit.
  • Complete and secure visitor records allow for tracking of all visitors.

Excepted and Pre-approved Visitor

Excepted and Pre-approved Visitor

  • Residents initiate the visit event – maintain the required details for the planned visit.
  • Security will automatically know about the expected visitor through the visitors log.
  • Visitor will receive an OTP, which can be keyed in at the time of Check-in for hassle-free entry.
  • Courier and other service related visits will be dealt in a transparent and secure way.
  • Complete history of all previous visit events.

Unexpected Visitor

Unexpected Visitor

  • Record details (including photo) of visitors.
  • Mobile OTP send to visitor mobile for verification at the security gate.
  • Mobile notification sent to Resident/Host for approval or decline.
  • Security personnel falls back to manual verification if no response is received (based on community rules).

Staff Attendance Tracking

Staff Attendance Tracking

  • Validate & Record Entry / Exit Domestic Staff (Helpers, Drivers, Gardeners, etc.) into the Community.
  • Residents get alerts on mobile / in-app about entry/exit of their respective staff.
  • Security automatically knows if a particular staff is no longer working for any flat/unit – keeping your community safe.
  • Track attendance of Maintenance Staff (Estate Manager, Technical Staff and/or Contactors).
  • Committee can get attendance reports from Admin interface to process payroll.

Facility Management

IQcom provides you the platform and tools to bring all residents together to build a happy community.
Facilities Reservation System
Asset Tracker
Inventory Tracker
Facilities Reservation System

Facilities Reservation System

  • Offer online/app based reservation facility to all residents.
  • Set up attributes of each facility like charges, usage rules, booking limitations, etc.
  • Give administrator control to accept/reject a booking.
  • Automatically generate an invoice and post it to a resident’s account.
  • Get comprehensive reports on booking, revenue and usage.

Asset Tracker

Single view for all assets, their attributes and their service history.

  • Create asset groups and capture details of assets like Lifts, Fire Equipment, Pumps, Electrical Fittings, Borewells etc.
  • Effortless management of each asset.

Inventory Tracker

Inventory Tracker

  • Easily setup and organize all inventory items like Paint, Globes, etc.
  • Track purchase, consumption and stock level of each item in the inventory.
  • Optimize inventory consumption by using advanced inventory reports.


Management portal to ensure transparency in operations.

  • Central repository of all relevant community documentation.
  • Clearly categorised document vault to allow for easy reference; Agendas, Meeting Minutes, Community Rules, Meeting Resolutions, etc.
  • Meeting scheduler with attendance tracker.
  • “Know your Trustees” with direct line of communication to elected representatives.

Notification And Communication

Private social network platform for the Residential Community.
Notice Board
Polls and Surveys
Notice Board

An intuitive way to convey important information to the residents.

  • Send notices on multiple channels (App / E-mail / SMS).
  • Define and filter recipient groups for notices and communication.
  • Attach documents/files to notices.
  • Restrict delivery and visibility to certain residents (Owners / Residents / Committee Members).

Polls and Surveys

Get authentic feedback from residents.

  • Easily create surveys/polls with for all residents or a sub-group (Owners/Residents/Committee Members).
  • Create questions with multiple response options (Text, multiple choice, rating, etc.).
  • Offer option to fill the survey or poll anonymously.
  • Configure voting rights for polls- one per unit or one per user.


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