Data Security And Privacy

World-class hosting, zero downtime network and real time backups.

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Who Should Use IQcom

IQcom utilises some of the most advanced technologies and practices when storing and securing your information.
IQcom is hosted in AWS a Top Tier data centre that provides a secure server environment. AWS offers industry leading security and privacy for your community and personal data.
IQcom uses 256-bit SSL certificate for every page. What this means is that the data that you send between your computer and the IQcom server is encrypted. We do not encrypt just the login screen – but every piece of data (including this content) is encrypted.
Database is backed up in near real time for a rolling 30 day period.
IQcom provides a unique user id, password combination using which a user can access data related to only the complexes he/she is a member of. Our password reset process conforms to industry standards and practice.
IQcom NEVER sells or rents your email address, phone number, address, or any other personal information to any third-party.
IQcom supports role based access – due to which only users with appropriate role(s) will see the information on a need to know basis.