#1 Residential Community Portal

We Innovate, raise the bar and set the benchmark in Residential Community Management Software.

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Thought Leaders

Most of IQcom’s features continue to set the benchmark for a Residential Community Management and Accounting software in the market. We are around1.5-2 years ahead of any other portal in terms of innovation.
  • Super High Configurability: We completely understand that your community is unique – you surely have slightly different needs than others.

  • Data Security: IQcom is the first portal that offered and continues to offer secure browsing for your entire portal using SSL (Secure Socket Layer). You can notice in your browser that even this page is served on https symbol. Https is not restricted only to login screen – but for every page to ensure data security on-the-wire.

  • Data Privacy: IQcom offers the most private portal in the industry. We do not bombard you to buy from various service providers to earn commissions. We do not show AD’s neither in the portal / app and nor in the emails. We dislike AD’s as much as you do.

  • Easy to use and Robust Accounting package: IQcom offers a fully integrated accounting module that can be used by Accountants and Treasurers with no accounting background with equal ease. IQcom Accounting is designed and developed by team with real life experience in society accounting as Trustees and Treasurers.

  • Continuous Upgrades: Despite having most comprehensive set of features already, we innovate and enhance the software continuously. Quite a few enhancements are as a result of customer requests for new features. So, all our customers benefit from the collective wisdom of hundreds of communities.

  • Excellent Support: We strive to delight our customers. Period. You have live chat, email based support, phone based support, online help and manuals to take care of your needs. As one of our customers said, we offer ‘lightning fast’ support.